Rock Climbing


Rock climbing is and has been a growing recreational sport for many reasons: health and fitness, strength training, flexibility, balance, and adventure. Climbing also requires mental strategies of planning, anticipation, and focus. Climbing is inherently a social activity that encourages like minded people to come together and form a community sharing experiences, stories, success, and challenges.

Adaptive rock climbing is no different! More systems are being developed to assist people with all sorts of disabilities to experience the joys of climbing. Amputees can learn to use their prosthetics in a way to help propel them up the rock face. Paras and quads can use handlebar-style "ascenders" to grip a rope and ratchet themselves up. There are even different climbing harnesses with extra wide strapping and padding to help with pressure issues for those of us that don't have feeling. This is one of many sports that, depending on your ability level, you might not even need any adaptive equipment at all.