Training Links


Relias Training Management System:

IDPH Infection Control Videos:

QSEP Training:

There are two separate trainings, one for managers and one for frontline staff. Just know that once you start the video watch the whole thing. If you stop in the middle it does not save your place, you will start all over with the video you were watching.

You can keep taking the test until you pass. Once you pass it will say you completed the course and you will receive a certificate (maybe takes an hour). You don't have to watch all the videos unless you need help passing the test. Just try to do the pretest and then the post test if you want. Please complete them at work. You then need to send me Sheila Huizenga your certificate once completed.

Unvaccinated Staff Training:

The following is a link to a webex event recording: Vaccine Protection: Caring Communities Working Together 10/13/2021 training video.

AHE Compliance Presentation:

The following is AHE Compliance Training.

PCC Recorded Training:

The following is are links to a zoom event recordings: PCC training videos.