Therapy Gym

Skilled Therapy

and Restorative Services

Winning Wheels skilled therapy and restorative services primary goal is to restore each person served to the highest level of functioning possible. Gait and mobility training are provided, and passive and/or active assistive range of motion is provided seven days per week by restorative aides to prevent and/or reduce contractures in both upper and lower extremities.

To improve a patient's functional abilities during routine tasks, therapists provide instruction on adaptive methods and provide consultant services for orthopedic appliances, if appropriate. The therapy staff plays a major role in the selection of proper equipment and spends a significant amount of time instructing patients and family members on techniques for ambulation, transferring, and bed mobility. To improve a patient's functional abilities during routine tasks, the Winning Wheels team provides instruction on adaptive methods and fabricate splints or other orthopedic appliances.

Winning Wheels uses a variety of therapy equipment including parallel bars, pulleys, weights, mats, standing table, Motomed, electrical modalities, second step walking device and Nu-Step to name a few.

Our Therapy Department utilizes a multidisciplinary approach for your loved ones. We have on site Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy that are available seven days per week. They actively work together with the Restorative Department and our Nursing Department to provide an individualized plan of care. We work to provide culture centered therapy with good outcome based goals.