Job Descriptions For Winning Wheels

Transdisciplinary Therapist


Provide case management/service coordination for each person served.

*See, also, job descriptions of Social Worker and Therapeutic Recreation Assistant.


  • Complete CARF notes weekly, every Tues., for assigned residents.
  • Write lesson plans for Psychosocial group(s) as assigned by the Director of Social Services.
  • Facilitate Psychosocial groups as assigned.
  • Complete lesson plans, sign off, attendance, and document behaviors on Target Behavior Sheets and complete miscellaneous note regarding the same.
  • Complete Safety Tracking Log for any resident incurring 2 or more incidents/month.
  • Upon receipt of incident report, complete tracking log with date, location, time, Maintenance/PT for follow-up/preventative action.

Care Plan and Assessment Functions:

  • Works with Interdisciplinary Treatment team members to review and revise care plans and assessments as necessary, but at least quarterly (monthly for E.C.)
  • Develop a written plan of plan of care for each resident that identifies problems/needs of the resident. Revise problems, goals (including frequencies).
  • Attend weekly care plan meeting to review residents as they are up quarterly/monthly. Provide input into the meeting to ensure the care plan is as comprehensive as possible.
  • Work with team members to create a functional care plan which best meets the resident's needs.
  • Lead the care plan meeting by reviewing Problem, Goal and Methods; and determining course of action.
  • Review the care plan with resident and/or family members who choose to attend. If they are unable to attend, review with them individually following meeting or at designated time.
  • Complete resident monitoring logs as specified on the care plan. Facilitate community outings and groups as assigned.
  • Facilitate community outings and groups as assigned.