Job Descriptions For Winning Wheels

Developmental Trainer


Functions as a member of a treatment team within the Day Treatment Rehabilitation Program and is responsible for addressing the training needs of clients as identified in their Habilitation plan.


  • Responsible to the Coordinator of the treatment team.
  • Serves as a member of the team and supervises assistant developmental trainers in developing their clinical skills by taking a more active role in clinical staffing and inservices/training meetings.
  • Helps develop an Individual Habilitation Plan with input from the team and each client which is goal oriented and addresses the skills and supports necessary for the client to achieve these goals.
  • Presents Individual Habilitation Plans and regularly scheduled progress reports at clinical staff meetings for the purpose of evaluating the appropriateness of the rehabilitation plan and incorporating any recommended changes.
  • Alerts the team coordinator and program personnel to any significant changes in client status and presents these changes at the next scheduled IDP staffing.
  • Provides group and individual services which focuses on the client gaining the emotional skills necessary for the achievement of his/her goals.
  • Plans and conducts or arranges for the client to attend activities focusing on the acquisition of the physical, intellectual, personal, vocational skills necessary for the client to achieve his/her goals.
  • Assesses the supports necessary for the client to achieve his/her goals, assists the client in developing these supports and makes referrals to the case manager for assistance when appropriate.
  • Coordinates client progress with representatives from other agencies and significant others in the client�s life when appropriate to do so.
  • Contributes to the functioning of the program by supervising clients during non-structured time and while engaged in routine chores such as lunch preparation and daily clean-up.
  • Performs routine tasks necessary for the functioning of the program such as the preparation and serving of morning beverages, escorting clients to and from the bus and taking daily attendance.
  • Transports and supervises clients in on-site activities in the community.
  • Assists in providing services and supervising clients from other groups when their trainer is absent.
  • Is responsible for client record keeping as defined by medical record committee and furnishes other agencies with written reports of client progress when properly requested.
  • Completes all statistical reports as requested by the Program Coordinator.
  • Attends and participates in supervisory meetings, inservice training, department meetings, clinical staffing, and general agency meetings.
  • Serves on facility committees such as quality assurance, medical records and life safety when assigned to do so by the Program Coordinator.
  • Supervises students and volunteers when requested to do so by Program Coordinator.
  • Acts in a professional manner, represents the facility properly and is in accordance with facility policies and procedures when performing all job related duties.
  • Takes responsibility for an demonstrates continued growth in clinical skills and increases his/her knowledge of physical disabilities, treatment modalities and current trends in the field of rehabilitation.
  • A designated Developmental Instructor will be appointed by the Day Treatment Coordinator as the DT Safety Coordinator.
  • Is authorized to provide program oversight of the self administration of medication and shall have access to medications.