Winning Wheels Resident Council
School Supply Drive

Fall 2015

Winning Wheels Resident Council, along with staff from Frontier Hollow, STRIVE and Winning Wheels joined forces to collect school supplies in hopes of helping the students at Prophetstown Elementary start the year of right. This is the 16th year for the Winning Wheels school supply drive ... a big THANK YOU! to all the staff and residents who pitched in.

Wild Outdoor Adventures

Summer 2015

Winning Wheels and STRIVE residents are really taking advantage of the beautiful weather this summer and having a blast with some wild outdoor adventures!

Day Treatment's Garden Club started off the summer working hard planting vegetable seeds in the greenhouse and are now enjoying some nice peppers and tomatoes. After all that hard work, the residents are enjoying some well-deserved relaxation time on the swing donated last year by the Seth Ernst Memorial Soccer Slam.

The Choraleers, our very own singing troupe, has been travelling this summer to entertain the local area. Their cover of "Happy" is fabulous! Who doesn't like choreography involving silly hats?

STRIVE residents have taken to the road this summer on both the duet bike and the racer purchased through a grant from the Christopher Reeve Foundation. Our staff enjoy the one-on-one time with the residents ... and a good workout!

What would summer be without camping! Residents enjoy fishing and nature trails during their week-long day camping adventure. Oh, and s'mores of course.

The adventure doesn't stop at night. The STRIVE patio is transformed into an outdoor movie theatre, thanks to our IT guy who donated the flexible screen. The portable popcorn machine sure comes in handy!

Water sports are always a big hit with our Winning Wheels residents. Outrigger canoeing is a favorite outing, so several are scheduled throughout the summer months. The adaptive water ski clinic hosted by the Backwater Gamblers is the highlight of the entire year. What a great way to cap off an entire summer filled with wild outdoor adventures!

Winning Wheels & S.T.R.I.V.E.
Bowling League

January 2015

Winning Wheels and S.T.R.I.V.E. residents have a new adventure to pursue this winter . . . bowling. The "Prophetstown Pin Crushers" Bowling League runs from October through March, with bragging rights and some nice prizes on the line.

The league bowls twice a month at Paone's Blackhawk Lanes in Sterling. Blackhawk Lanes provides ramps for residents to use to launch the bowling balls, and also donates bowling passes for prizes.

The friendly competition between the Winning Wheels and STRIVE residents is fierce and a lot of fun! Many thanks to everyone at Blackhawk Lanes for their support.

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